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How to safely put up your Beach Umbrella:

Shell Bay Co. beach umbrella is the perfect way to enjoy the beach while keeping cool and comfortable. Its large size keeps you, your friends and family sheltered from the sun while its high-quality construction keeps it secure in windy conditions. Make the most of your beach days with this reliable and timeless beach accessory.

Please ensure your umbrella is properly anchored and assembled especially in the windy weather conditions.       

  • Check the wind and its direction before placing your umbrella in the sand. Your umbrella is your responsibility and if the wind suddenly picks up, if not secured properly, your umbrella can become a flying object, which could be dangerous for other beach users.     
  • Find your perfect spot in the sun and a suitable base for your umbrella. Twist the screw handle on the hinge until the teeth are loose enough to safely extend the pole straight. Re-tighten the screw to lock in position.    
  • Place the umbrella anchor in the sand in the rocking motion or dig out a deep hole in the sand first; many people will keep stubbing the ground or screwing it down like a corkscrew but that might not always work. Keeping the canopy closed, we recommend you to rock the pole back and forth adding pressure towards the sand; with each movement the pole will drop further into the sand. Twisting/rotating the pole whilst rocking will help too.   
  • To open the umbrella, hold the pole in one hand and the sliding mechanism in the other while pushing it up. Push it hard all the way to the top to locate the catch. As the mechanism is made to last, you will need to push it hard to extend the canopy open and lock the ribs in place.   
  • When about 1/3 of the pole is in the sand, the umbrella will be sufficiently buried. Add pressure to the sand around the pole for additional stability.    
  • If you find digging a deep hole in the ground easier than rocking the pole, use the most suitable way for you to secure the umbrella. As long as about 1/3 of the pole is buried in the sand, the umbrella will safely stay in one spot.     
  • Make sure that your umbrella is tilted into the wind, so the wind pushes it into the sand rather than lifting it out. Also, you need to pay attention to the ever-changing directions of the wind throughout the day, and be ready to change the tilt of the umbrella toward the wind at any point when necessary. Collapse your umbrella when leaving unattended.   
  • Enjoy the sun and retreat into the refreshing shade of your beach umbrella.